Sunday, June 6, 2010


On June 4 we celebrated the first birthday of my son, Nando (Fernando Manuel). Words can't describe how awesome it feels to see him turn 1. How old is he? a couple of months...4 months...8 months...NO. He's 1 now. It sounds nice when you say it out loud. Weighed in at 275 on Saturday too. so that's a 75 pound loss since having surgery in January. almost 5 months. I feel good. I'm not diabetic from what my doc says and my cholesterol looks good. Still need to up my exercise but now that I'm the proud dad of a 1 year old who's almost THERE in the walking department, I think it'll be okay. Still job hunting. It's hard. Get a little sad about it sometimes. We took him out of day care so i'm watching him now. Hopefully something will come along. Can't believe it's been 3 months on "govt paid vacation". But I won't dwell on that. Today, my son is 1.