Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lap Day plus 3: Hunger and Walking

Today could have gone better. I think my siatica (spelling??) in my right leg has been acting up so it hurts like a sunuvabitch. so i didn't really walk a lot yesterday. I did attempt to walk today. just out the door, down the block, around the high school parking and then back towards the house. Think "Family Circus". Gioia met me in the car 1/2 way home and we went to Target. Probably better to walk indoors b/c it was getting cold. I'm so hungry. or rather I miss food. Is it wrong if i order a cheeseburger and just masticate it and suck the juices and spit it out? These are the thoughts that go threw my head. Can you believe it? Driving by Taco Bells and BK's is like driving down the Las Vegas strip. I don't see dancing show girls just dancing tacos and burgers. Watching the Food Network (Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives) is like wathching Cinemax at 3am.We bought chewable kids vitamins at Target and you'd have thought I had steak the way I savored every drop of the purple lion or orange monkey. Just to be able to chew SOMETHING, anything and even hold a bottle of water make me feel normal. But small sips. b/c air can be my enemy. Fukk'n air. LOL I'm having miso soup right now. SLOWLY. taking me probably 20 minutes to finish it. can't have the seaweed that's in it b/c that probably won't feel good. but this will hold me. and then at 8pm, hell's yes I'm having an ice pop. Orange flavor please.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lap Day plus 2

I guess I could use this blog to document my experiences as a lap band patient. On January 27th, wednesday, 2010, I had lap band surgery. the procedure itself took 37 minutes but I was in the OR I think for an hour from start to finish. My stomach looks like I got shot 6 times. The pictures I've attached aren't of me but rather to give you an idea. I did take before pictures the morning of surgery. I weighed in (on January 19th, at my consult visit with the doctor) at 350 lbs. that's the heaviest i think that I've ever weighed. that's not cool. I had asked the doctor if I was the biggest patient they'd ever worked on, they said I'd have to weigh 450 lbs before they'd have to tell me to lose weight. So for that, I guess, I'm glad. I'm home now. Came home yesterday after an overnight stay on Wednesday. I'm on a liquid diet (and I mean ALL liquid) for one week. from then on, it's 6 weeks of puree or baby food till I can do soft, real foods. It's okay though. It's all in the mind. Don't get me wrong there are moments when i think that I can't do this. and right now, the pain comes and goes in my stomach. but I'm gonna go try and walk around for a bit. and at 2:30pm, I get to have broth! LOL but today is a brand new day.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary on the 3rd. What a year we had in 2009. Marriage, baby and a new home. We can only hope for the best in the new decade. Happy 2010 everyone. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.