Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hello, I'm still here.

So apparently I have a blog,right? And with a blog, you're supposed to write about how you are doing,etc. WEEEELLLLLL...i've been busy. Sorry about that. Let's recap the last 7 months since my last post shall we? 1. started a new job in New York on January 11th. 2. Have been able to maintain an 80 lb weight loss since surgery in 1/27/2010. Walking 2.5 miles every day to work seems to help 3. Nando is now 2 years old. 4. Working, happy to be working but it's time to move on. Looking for a new job. Not happy that I'm spending more time away from my family than with them. My Uncle Pete said that "this isn't permanet/this too shall pass" and I hope so.
IN CLOSING, this blog is not done. I will make a conscious attempt to write more. So, see you soon. Blog you later.