Monday, March 5, 2012

Where did the year go?

or for that matter, winter? It's already March. WOW. Really? And it's very early and I should be sleeping but like I said before, apparently I have a blog. And I really do need to update it more often. Recently started "drawing" again. Nothing too fancy, but it's nice to draw even if it is silly superhero faces. My nephew Max liked the Spider-Man drawing and Nando picked the Hulk. HaHa. Nice to know I still have the skills.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hello, I'm still here.

So apparently I have a blog,right? And with a blog, you're supposed to write about how you are doing,etc. WEEEELLLLLL...i've been busy. Sorry about that. Let's recap the last 7 months since my last post shall we? 1. started a new job in New York on January 11th. 2. Have been able to maintain an 80 lb weight loss since surgery in 1/27/2010. Walking 2.5 miles every day to work seems to help 3. Nando is now 2 years old. 4. Working, happy to be working but it's time to move on. Looking for a new job. Not happy that I'm spending more time away from my family than with them. My Uncle Pete said that "this isn't permanet/this too shall pass" and I hope so.
IN CLOSING, this blog is not done. I will make a conscious attempt to write more. So, see you soon. Blog you later.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Highs and lows of December

Well, it's been a while hasn't it? I'd love to say that I've been busy b/c of work but that hasn't been the case. The job market/losses seem to be coming left and right at my family. Last month we learned that my wife's company is letting go of several hundred employees and she unfortunately will be one of the several hundred. My job search has entered it's 9 month. 9 months.....we could have had a 2nd child by then. and WOW on the whole 2nd child thing. Seems like everyone we know is on their 2nd too. We're not there yet. Not when the job front is so messed up. The only bright spot was been Nando. He's a year and a half now and gets bigger every day and is such a smart little man. We're potty training him and he's done pretty well. I get him to go pee-pee but still keep mistiming the poo-poo. I'll try my best to be more upto date with posts. Weight wise, I've hit a plateau but holding on to the 80 pound loss. I'll break this plateau I know I will. Gonna be one year in January 27 with the surgery.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

HOLYSCHNIKES! It's been a while....

So where's the Summer going,right? Beats me. It's been a pretty normal summer. We went to NH for July 4th weekend. Nando threw up a couple of times. He gets car sick sometimes now so I'm not enjoying that. I feel bad when he gets sick. What're you gonna do? Poor guy. Still don't have a job. So this would be me entering my 5th month on the Obama dime. Hoping that my extension takes me through to the following year/March 2011. And hoping that the Fall brings better news. Thought I'd include my newest vanity pix. LOL I'm about 268 from 350. ALL my big clothes have been given away. And it's nice to be able to shop off the rack and know it'll fit. Watching Nando is rewarding BUT HARD. Sorry I've slacked on blogging. I really have no excuse outside of the fact that I forgot. But hey, life gets in the way. I'm upset no job but happy that I'm healthier than I was when 2010 started.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


On June 4 we celebrated the first birthday of my son, Nando (Fernando Manuel). Words can't describe how awesome it feels to see him turn 1. How old is he? a couple of months...4 months...8 months...NO. He's 1 now. It sounds nice when you say it out loud. Weighed in at 275 on Saturday too. so that's a 75 pound loss since having surgery in January. almost 5 months. I feel good. I'm not diabetic from what my doc says and my cholesterol looks good. Still need to up my exercise but now that I'm the proud dad of a 1 year old who's almost THERE in the walking department, I think it'll be okay. Still job hunting. It's hard. Get a little sad about it sometimes. We took him out of day care so i'm watching him now. Hopefully something will come along. Can't believe it's been 3 months on "govt paid vacation". But I won't dwell on that. Today, my son is 1.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lap Day 3 Months

I think the smartest thing we ever did was take a picture of Nando with the same bear every month till he reaches 1 year of age. it's a good way to show progress. The same blue shorts. Practically tore up the bedroom trying to find them. Here I am at 280 pounds from 350 (far left photo if you didn't know). Pretty cool. I have my good days and bad days, don't get me wrong. Protein shakes are still a bitch and thus I haven't had any in a while. Trying to be more active. Last week I walked 6 miles out of the blue. I have a wedding on Saturday and I can't wait to see how I look in the tux all dressed to the nines. Is it vain? a little. But I haven't seen THIS face in a long time apparently. It feels good.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lap Day: 2 months plus 18: Filling in

today I weigh in at 285. From 350. that's a 65 pound weight loss since my surgery on January 27. I fit COMFORTABLY in a 2x shirt again. i haven't let go of my big guy mentality and still hold onto some of my 3x clothing/shirts. Pants are getting very loose. I'm wearing a wasit 44 now. the picture there shows me in my size 48 jeans which at times were too tight but right now are so loose, the extra slack on my belt practically goes around my waist. How do I feel? good. My physical self is fine. Energy level is good. Just still unemployed. That's the only downside. Right now, hunger wise, i've been doing okay. Dinner for me is usually by 4pm and the rest of the day ( i am up early b/c of Nando) is fluids and if the hunger strikes, a yogurt. Haven't had the protein shakes in a while. I know I should but bleh. I just eat my chicken for my protein and my eggs.