Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lap Day: 2 months plus 18: Filling in

today I weigh in at 285. From 350. that's a 65 pound weight loss since my surgery on January 27. I fit COMFORTABLY in a 2x shirt again. i haven't let go of my big guy mentality and still hold onto some of my 3x clothing/shirts. Pants are getting very loose. I'm wearing a wasit 44 now. the picture there shows me in my size 48 jeans which at times were too tight but right now are so loose, the extra slack on my belt practically goes around my waist. How do I feel? good. My physical self is fine. Energy level is good. Just still unemployed. That's the only downside. Right now, hunger wise, i've been doing okay. Dinner for me is usually by 4pm and the rest of the day ( i am up early b/c of Nando) is fluids and if the hunger strikes, a yogurt. Haven't had the protein shakes in a while. I know I should but bleh. I just eat my chicken for my protein and my eggs.

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