Friday, January 29, 2010

Lap Day plus 2

I guess I could use this blog to document my experiences as a lap band patient. On January 27th, wednesday, 2010, I had lap band surgery. the procedure itself took 37 minutes but I was in the OR I think for an hour from start to finish. My stomach looks like I got shot 6 times. The pictures I've attached aren't of me but rather to give you an idea. I did take before pictures the morning of surgery. I weighed in (on January 19th, at my consult visit with the doctor) at 350 lbs. that's the heaviest i think that I've ever weighed. that's not cool. I had asked the doctor if I was the biggest patient they'd ever worked on, they said I'd have to weigh 450 lbs before they'd have to tell me to lose weight. So for that, I guess, I'm glad. I'm home now. Came home yesterday after an overnight stay on Wednesday. I'm on a liquid diet (and I mean ALL liquid) for one week. from then on, it's 6 weeks of puree or baby food till I can do soft, real foods. It's okay though. It's all in the mind. Don't get me wrong there are moments when i think that I can't do this. and right now, the pain comes and goes in my stomach. but I'm gonna go try and walk around for a bit. and at 2:30pm, I get to have broth! LOL but today is a brand new day.


  1. This is fantastic Jan. Both for your life and for this blog. I'll be reading.

  2. Jan this is wonderful news! I knew something was up from your facebook status but you didn't answer when i asked! Steve and I have another friend who had the same surgery on Tuesday this week. Best of luck to you, I believe this will change your life! We're rooting for you!


    Michele and Steve

  3. Hi guys! Thanks. Michele, feel free to have your friend give me a call if he needs a post-Op buddy. this blog helps me get my emotions out.