Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lap Day plus 24 Milestones for Jan Marc

This past wednesday Dr. Strom took out my last remaining stitches and gave me the all clear to start becoming a gym rat. I will have my first band adjustment on March 4. So then I assume I'll start to average the 2 pound weight loss as opposed to the 6 a week I seem to drop. At work this past week, I have returned, like MacArthur. Anyway, I've made it a point to park a little further away from the front entrance and actually get up and walk during my breaks. I joined an 'active for life' work thing where basically they want us to get off our asses and be active. I'm the team captain! LOL and today, I weigh in at 310 lbs. So.....I'VE LOST 40 LBS. so that's pretty cool.
On the 27, i'll take my 1 month photo of my surgery.

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